What Do You Know About Solar Cooking ?


 A checklist


  • Do you have mostly-sunny days several months of the year??? (Essential)
  • Do you have a space outside that is sunny for several hours, sheltered from high wind and safe from theft or tampering???
  • Are your cooking fuels expensive or scarce???
  • Does your kitchen sometimes get too hot or your barbecue too smoky???
  • Do you worry about safety of small children near your kitchen stove or open cooking fire???
  • Do you want to prepare for emergencies or camping when you may not have safe drinking water???
  • Would you like carefree, absentee cooking???
  • Would you like to retain the natural taste and nutrition of food???
  • Are you health conscious???
  • Are you environment conscious???
  • Are you energy conscious???


If your answer for most above Questions is yes You Should Buy Solar Cooker Online or Go to Nearest Store. You will Just love Solar cooking!


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